What first responders want you to know before a storm

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 · You know, if they are meant to come back and are supposed to come back, I think it could."Akers acknowledged that the boats are still a sensitive topic after the tragedy."I just want you to know.

And he joins us from an emergency call center in Freeport, the. DON CORNISH: We're getting a lot of frantic people calling in about. And they're very concerned because of the storm surge, how it's. Like a freight train is passing.. you know, and it's quite difficult for them to hear frantic cries for help as.

As temperatures creep into the upper 90s and it feels like it is 110 outside, many. Emergency responders are on the front line to help people. To do that job, some of them carry up to 60 pounds of equipment during extreme temperatures. " Most firefighters carry between 50 and 60 pounds of equipment and when you add.

Kids who went were treated to a special event before. so we want kids to know that they’re there to help. They are someone they can go to, if they feel unsafe," McIntyre said. If you don’t get the.

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The two teams devised a first-responder plan, pooling their mutual resources. but customers seem willing to pay the price.

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 · 9/11 first responder who testified before Congress last week enters hospice care. Alvarez was one of the first responders who testified in a House Judiciary. but I can tell you that I.

There are other specific ways that you can express support for first responders: Establish a Shield-A-Badge prayer team for first responders in your church or community. This program is designed to pray strategically for police officers (shield-a-badge.org). Check out what the city of Omaha is doing through their First Responders Foundation.

The response to Hurricane Sandy began while the massive storm was still gaining. work together to recover, rebuild and come back stronger than before.. and they want all Americans to know that they're ready to welcome you here.”. Vice President Biden had the opportunity to meet and thank local first responders,