Twin Galaxies Removes Former Donkey Kong Champ Billy Mitchell’s High Scores

Billy Mitchell’s 2010 high score for Donkey Kong has been called into question on a Twin Galaxies dispute forum by Jeremy Young, the moderator of Donkey Kong Forum (DKF).

The King has lost his crown. Billy Mitchell, the infamous and former record-holder of Donkey Kong, has had his gaming records striken from the books by Twin Galaxies. When it comes to records in games, Twin Galaxies is the end-all be-all. Their decision is the one that truly matters and according to them, billy mitchell cheated.

The subject of "The King of Kong" has finally had his Donkey Kong high scores wiped from existence, and has been banned from future competition.. Twin Galaxies can no longer recognize Billy.

Controversial arcade game player Billy Mitchell released a statement today, responding to the recent disqualification of his records from both the Twin Galaxies leaderboards and Guinness World Records.

The video of Billy Mitchell. time the disgraced “Donkey Kong” champ spoke publicly about allegations his high score was achieved on emulation software and not on an arcade machine. Video game.

In 2007, he featured prominently in the documentary “King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters,” about the world of competitive arcade players who chase high scores. In the film. how the new owners of.

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Billy Mitchell King of Kong star banned from Twin Galaxies (Livestream Archive) king of kong billy mitchell’s donkey kong scores removed Twin Galaxies published a post on Thursday explaining the research that led to the decision to remove Mitchell’s records.

The Guinness Book of World Records has cancelled the previously recorded high scores of ‘video game player. to be a record-breaking score in Donkey Kong. ‘With this ruling twin galaxies can no.

When a dispute for one of the most prolific players out there hits, it’s hard not to take notice. Sure these sort of things come up as players try to prove their run on any particular game as legitimate, but when a longstanding score on Donkey Kong of 1,062,800 points from Billy Mitchell was put into question, it took an extensive research period from those at Twin Galaxies.

Disgraced Donkey Kong champ billy mitchell’s Redemption Is a Sloppy Soliloquy. Guinness World Records and Twin Galaxies stripped Mitchell of his scores.. More than setting high scores.