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Roofing giant GAF thinks it’s the perfect time to unveil a solar roof product of its own to compete with Tesla. Tesla sparked new interest in solar roofs. Now GAF thinks it’s the perfect time to.

Tesla’s Solar Roof – French Slate Glass Tiles. Slate tiling is one of the most sought after roof types and has been for some time. Elon Musk made a good move having this style be one of the 4 of the new tesla solar roof. slate tile roofs give off the hand-crafted look and the fact that the Tesla Solar program was able to recreate this is.

Granted, it’s not as sleek and fast as a Tesla Model S, but the front-wheel drive compact crossover represents a new price-for-range benchmark that other automakers, including Tesla, Nissan, VW Group.

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Updated May 10, 2017: Tesla has provided an online calculator that attempts to compute the cost of a Tesla Solar Roof based on a home’s approximated square foot and number of stories. Single.

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The Solar Roof is designed to look and act like regular house shingles, but Tesla’s are textured glass with solar cells hidden inside. On the factory line in Buffalo, these glass tiles slide on.

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Electric car maker Tesla has added another product to its lineup: news politics world sport Technology Business Money Opinion Obituaries Travel Culture Lifestyle Women Family

It also referred to this product in the company’s update to its Master Plan earlier this year, describing it as "a smoothly integrated and beautiful solar-roof-with-battery product that just works.".

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If Tesla’s solar business was going well, we would be seeing installations increase (not decrease), and Elon Musk would be touting new solar panels and solar roof tiles coming from Gigafactory 2.

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His latest little project sees a combination of his SpaceX program, his Tesla company and his geekiness coming. He created a battery company and built electric cars and solar roof tiles to showcase.