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Second, it is a landlocked country, uneconomical as a base to export goods to other markets. But, somewhat counter-intuitively, Laos seems all set to be the next gold rush destination in South East Asia and Indian firms have little choice but to be interested.

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In 1924, the Senate passed a Constitutional amendment banning child labor, but it was never ratified by enough states. Finally, the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 prohibited the full-time employment of those 16 and under (with a few exemptions) and enacted a national minimum wage which made employing most children uneconomical.

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I remember sitting in The Spellow, a few years back, before going into Goodison for a Shareholders Association meeting (a meeting where it was revealed that the Club were putting up the shutters to the SA!) and we were speaking about Bill’s position at the time – arguably the one director you could say had delved down behind the sofa in search of the last few shillings, to bail Everton out of.