Mortgage Fraud is Rising – Here’s What You Need to Know

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Here’s a great example of how that happened. My husband and I had our first child in 2005. That’s when we decided to get a bigger home. As part of the process, we applied for a mortgage pre. pay.

Mortgage fraud is rampant in the U.S., with distressed homeowners offering a whole new market to criminals. The recent trend in rising.

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Think back to early 1995, when the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis reported that the average 30-year mortgage rate was more than 9 percent. Borrowing money now, especially in a robust economy, is still worth considering. Visit to see current mortgage interest rates in.

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Ross Mortgage Opens in North Florida Tim Ross. Tim Ross is CEO of Ross Mortgage Corporation and a lifelong mortgage lender. He has served as president of the mortgage bankers association of Michigan and two terms as a governor on the Residential Board of Governors with the Mortgage Bankers Association of America.

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‘Cracks Are Starting To Show’ In Canada’s Borrowing Binge The new mortgage "stress tests" are hitting the real estate market where it hurts, but they are a badly-needed move.

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Descriptive text: Red Flags of Mortgage Fraud . Mortgage fraud can be a criminal offence when someone – you, a mortgage broker or agent, a real estate agent or a lawyer – misrepresents, lies or exaggerates information to obtain a mortgage that would not have been granted if the truth had been told.

The rising risk of mortgage fraud is a major shift from roughly a decade ago when the financial crisis roiled the housing industry. "It’s a recipe for disaster," Migdal said. "These new buyers need to qualify for homes, and the mortgage brokers know what the underwriting standards are, help them to qualify."