Here’s the latest data on the impact of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma on mortgages

The water temperature of the Gulf of Mexico was above average for this time of the year, and likely to be a factor in Harvey’s impact. Within a week of Harvey, Hurricane Irma formed in the eastern Atlantic, due to the similar conditions involving unusually warm seawater. Some scientists fear this may be becoming a ‘new normal’.

The rally in Miami did not completely offset the decline in September, but note that recovery was already underway in September, which muted the measured impact of Hurricane Irma. In the months after landfall of Harvey and Irma, spending growth in Houston and Miami exceeded growth in other LCC metros by 4.8 and 3.2 percentage points, respectively.

Sen. Nelson slams regulators, credit bureaus for short-sale confusion THE national emergency management agency (nema) on Friday urged Bahamians to be aware of their level of preparedness as international forecasters officially announced projections for the 2019 Atlantic.

 · Hurricane Irma One of the Strongest Ever. You can see the eye of hurricane Irma. This is one of the most impressive hurricanes I ever seen and we more or.

Heaviest impact on mortgage delinquency rates still to come. The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in South Texas is still very much being felt, and as the first numbers start to roll in on its impact on mortgages in the area, the result is not looking good. In the beginning stages of the recovery process, Black Knight Financial Services predicted.

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What lenders are doing to help storm-hit homeowners Image Credit: Getty Images In the wake of the damage and disruptions caused in Texas, Florida and other parts of the Deep South by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, some people are finding it difficult to make their regular mortgage payments.

Now almost two months after Hurricane Harvey, Black Knight’s "first look" report on the September 2017 mortgage data shows the initial numbers on the impact of the hurricanes.

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The economic environment was disrupted by back-to-back devastation caused by hurricanes Harvey and Irma. With many businesses closing to ride out the hurricanes, even Disney World, the Federal.

Hurricane Harvey struck the Texas Gulf coast on August 26, 2017 and dropped over 40 inches of water in some areas during the subsequent two days. A total of 88 people lost their lives5 due to this storm and 73,000 (3.4%) homes have either been destroyed (10,800 – 0.5%) or sustained major damage (62,000 – 2.9%).

Here’s How Hurricanes Irma and Harvey Have Affected Van Freight. Last week, Houston’s van freight volumes rebounded to 88% of pre-storm levels. That’s a quick turnaround, especially in the labor day week that included only four business days. Outbound volume recovered in Dallas too, so traffic is moving throughout most of the state now.

Millennials are skipping starter houses. Mortgage Masters Group Millennials are skipping starter houses. mortgage masters Group "When you rent, the money goes from your pocket into the air; when you’re paying a mortgage. and a broker with American Homes Group. "We have seen a steady uptick over the past two years.