Democrats: Still The Party Of Oppression

Historically, the Democrats are the party of slavery, racism and oppression. Though apologists for Democrats want to insist that somehow in the 1960s the parties reversed roles, this doesn’t hold up under analysis. It is a myth or, as Dinesh D’Souza asserts, "the big lie". Take for example the voting rights act of 1964. That legislation was passed in the House with eighty percent of Republicans voting yes and sixty-one percent of the Democrats voting no.

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Democrats, Still the Party of Voter Suppression Democrats and the rest of the left have a somewhat bifurcated approach to the vote. During their Jim Crow regime in the South, Democrats specialized.

Racists and Liars: Let’s Topple The Democratic Party of Oppression.. And the Democratic Party STILL wants to keep its slaves today, by giving out welfare goodies – enough to be appreciated by the mentally feeble, but without policies that would actually encourage behaviors of self.

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Can the Democratic Party be Compared to a Plantation?. Politicians remind their voting bloc how much oppression is still going on today and how it’s rooted in the history of a racist America. The media makes sure to cover, over and over again any event which they can label as a racist event.

The GOP reaction to Vindman comes as the party is facing frontal attacks on two of its major talking points in the.

Even though Democrat senators filibustered the Civil rights legislation nonstop for 71 days, from March 30 to June 10, President Lyndon Johnson persuaded the leaders of his party to support a.

The democratic party supported slavery from its inception in the 1830s until it split over the issue in 1860. In January 1865, 100 percent of house republicans supported the 13th Amendment.

Democrats, still the party of voter suppression. Posted on August 31, 2018 by Michael Shannon. 2 Shares. Democrats and the rest of the left have a somewhat bifurcated approach to the vote. During their Jim Crow regime in the South, Democrats specialized in retail vote suppression. When a.

Today’s Democratic Party doesn’t oppress on the basis of racial purity but of ideological purity. Whatever the basis, they’re still the Party of Slavery and Segregation, past and present, period.