black mold dangers

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This year, he’s making sure that families of asthma sufferers are aware of the dangers that come with the fall season. i.e.

In truth, black mold can be toxic, but it can also not be. And the same goes for any other type of mold as well – some may produce mycotoxins.

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Black mold can pose health problems for people with flood-damaged homes. CBS 58 caught up with officials from Eagle Spring Lake Management District in Waukesha County and say.

Dangers of Black Mold in Bathroom Respiratory infections, including coughing, sneezing, and sore throat. chronic fatigue, exhaustion, headache and migraines, even mental depression and mental impairment. Blood diseases, including hemorrhage, nosebleed, and mucous membrane irritation. Damage to.

Dangers of Black Mold in Bathroom. Broadly known as toxic mold, black mold that has infected your bathroom can put you and your family in danger. Black mold actively produces mycotoxins, the poisonous substance of fungus. Mycotoxins can cause many health problems, including infections and allergic symptoms.

black mold exacerbating a child’s asthma so severely that he was hospitalized twice and a refrigerator not working for so long that a family had to survive “on canned food and boxed milk.” Kushner Cos.

What Molds Are; What Mold Needs to Grow; Health Effects That May Be.. "Black mold" is not a species or specific kind of mold, and neither is.

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HUD has given passing inspection grades for years to dangerous buildings filled with rats and roaches, toxic mold and peeling lead-based paint, which can cause lifelong learning delays when ingested.

Black mold has a distinctively dark color, and it grows in places where. you are likely to find in your house, Stachybotrys is the most toxic.

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Black Mold Toxin. Stachybotrys or toxic black mold has the ability to replicate asexually (grows and duplicates on their own) and are filamentous (thread-like) in nature. Stachybotrys is dangerous to humans because it produces a harmful poison called mycotoxins that remain suspended in the air.